Le Petit Versailles

346 East Houston Street
(Avenues B & C)

212 529 8815

F / V trains to Second Ave. Walk east on Houston St.

J / M trains to Delancey St.

Walk northeast to Houston Street
FREE/ Voluntary Donation. rain or shine.


Please join us at Le Petit Versailles May 1
an all day celebration highlighting the range of arts
that LPV garden will present throughout its 2010 May – October season
May 1 Opening Events
International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day 2010
On May 1, guerrilla gardeners around the world sow sunflowers all over the place.
It’s a way to bring beauty, bumble bees and bundles of fun to your neighborhood.
6:30 pm
“Pistol” Pete Sturman – local singer/songwriter.
Ongoing screening of House of the Gentle by Lili White.
Installation of the luminous painting Versailles in the Sky by Sabine Mohr
detailing an aerial view plan of the real Versailles of France.

About the Artists
“Pistol” Pete Sturman is a local singer/songwriter.
http://peteandpaul.com/ <http://peteandpaul.com/>
Lili White / House of The Gentle interprets eight hexagrams from the classic text oracle of the I Ching, or Chinese Book of Changes, thru gestural performances set in Nature, Chaco Canyon, and Shofuso, the Japanese House & Garden in Philadelphia.
Lili White performs in Nature’s stage set; her form suggests a bodily connection to a dream logic—that is no logic—no answers posited to –?–— What was the question?
The form derived from authentic movement, a technique of improvisational movement practice that allows its participants a type of free association of the body, started by Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950s as “movement in depth”. Perception was the ultimate theme…
Regarding the East’s treatment of landscape:
“…Nature as a reflection of consciousness: eschewing traditional Western schemes of landscape as monumental & eternal…the East’s (view is) the notion of landscape as ephemeral form and infinite process, like Chinese landscapes (that) achieve a dynamism to suggest something numinous and wonderous beyond eternal form.”
– taken from a museum comment card
The I Ching is a “reflection of the universe in miniature.” Its hexagrams represent descriptions of certain states or processes, using the essences found in Nature as the basis for its descriptions. There are a total of sixty-four different yet archetypal forms of energy described. The “gentle” refers to wood or the wind, both are gentle yet penetrating powers.
https://liliwhite.com/ <https://liliwhite.com/>
Versailles in the Sky by Sabine Mohr is a luminous painting of an aerial plan of Versailles, the palace estate of Louis the Fourteenth. When flashed with a light source the painting will glow in the dark. Created originally for the show LAST CALL last October at Le Petit Versailles and now finally to be exhibited this year.
http://www.frise.de/cms/93-0-Sabine+Mohr.html <http://www.frise.de/cms/93-0-Sabine+Mohr.html>
Le Petit Versailles, created in 1996 by community neighbors is a GreenThumb garden and a project of Allied Productions, Inc. a non profit arts organization. LPV provides a green oasis for meditation and relaxation dedicated to fostering the interest of all segments of the community in the arts, broadening and enriching the general public through performances, screenings, workshops..
LPV events are made possible by Allied Productions, Inc.,
Citizens for NYC, Green Thumb/NYC Dept. of Parks, Materials for the Arts;
NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, NYC Dept. of Sanitation & NYC Board of Education
Film & Exhibition support from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency