Eight sculptures based on eight TRIGRAMS of the I CHING were set in the garden beds of the le Petit Versailles Community Garden in 2018.

The abstract shapes, based on the I CHING, depict those energy forms.

The works investigate human behavior and its outcomes when connected to the quantum field, delineating sub-conscious functions. Attention is placed upon the movement of transformation, rendering form to “thought” or intuition.

The I CHING, also called the Chinese BOOK OF CHANGES, has 64 hexagrams describing, upon engagement with the oracle, typical yet different situations found in life. Each hexagram is composed of two trigrams, named after elements of Nature (LAKE, MOUNTAIN, etc) that describe specific qualities of being. For example, THUNDER is shocking, WOOD / WIND penetration. FIRE BIRD, a common symbol that falls under the dominion of fire, represents illumination, brightness, or clarity.

All in all, metamorphosis is the true form of all existence.