Since the 1980’s, shooting range target series and subsequent limited edition prints, are derived from society’s concerns presenting surreal states of actuality.
My operation connects media stories tangentially, similar to the method used my films, like S/tr:w/EET WALK.
The targets reflects a collective dreamscape that belongs to us all.
The targets act as catalysts for discussion as opposed to suggestions for violence.
In the news, humanity goes on the record.
Many stories feature human aggression projected onto an “other” perceived as “different” than “me.” My desire is to affix these humans’ projections, rooted in thwarted plans and desires of the ego drive, into permanent forms. I “archive” the chosen subject/story of each work so it will not be forgotten; making subjects into iconic forms whose information sits inside the figure of a “human shadow.”

Pictures, texts, and articles from magazines and newspapers dot the human frame.
Each piece of information is placed on a particular body part for maximum impact— there is a difference between something on the head or heart or arm or hand or stomach.

Targets without news texts, made purely with pictures, act like as image-poems.
Entwining layers and strands of “meaning” through placement and color applications requires the viewer’s interpretation, as nothing decisive is decided.