Lili White works across disciplines.

A versatile personality, she brings into being various series, whose consistency stems from her use of “automatism.”
Directly capturing the entire gestalt of a subject, her synthesis meshes facts with intuition.
Imagery drawn from the mind recounts the fluctuating movement of spirit
that is the ongoing dynamism of evolutionary change.

Her films are reminiscent of early cinema where the uncanny, the associative, and the mysterious rule:
threads from tales that span history, the personal, and society’s collective memory connect tangentially to form
a poetic, surreal rationality
revealing the inter-connectedness and elusiveness of something found beneath the surface of things.

Her paintings show physical matter is accompanied by its illusory energy-form:
an invisible essence belonging to the subject.

Books and scripts unfold episodes with characters encircled in dream-space.

     Participants surrender and enter upon a journey where they follow their hearts.