The Future is You

THE FUTURE IS YOU VIDEO – TRT: 10 minutes/ sound/ B&W-Color

Shifting nature and architecture in the International City during the week after the 9/11 attack.

Like a lithographer’s velvety mezzotint, this monochromic future of molten metal features New York City’s downtown streets after the 9/11 disaster. This universe roams between the opposite poles of Eden and the Apocalypse: the Garden of NY’s Central Park and that downtown corner of disaster.

“Seemingly” among city and forest, this landscape study moves back and forth between Nature’s trees and man’s canyons of steel, showing neither but both. Exploiting black as a color, true color lies trapped behind the shifting veil that tricks the eyes.

A chromium sound heard — doubled and abstracted — accompanying our moods of anxiety and serenity. Exploring the gradient view, the focus is on small movement like amoebas in a primordial soup; eventually stretching our attention to the larger matrix where we all reside.