DVD Video; Copyright © 2005 Lili White
Length: 68:00
Price: Upon Request
Lili White’s first feature length video, NY(see) was released this year.

NY (see) © 2005 Lili White;
Produced, directed and edited by Lili White;

Mara Wave (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mara-wave-8233b6b2/)
John Spinks (https://www.tilloufineart.com/artists/john-spinks)
Kim Su Theiler (https://microscopegallery.com/barber-theiler-regular-magic/)

MUSIC: William Parker (http://www.williamparker.net/), Florence Stamp, & Thomas Parker Williams
POEM: Shu Ting
the Caranguejo; derived from the ANIME-CRAB an original sculpture by Lygia Clark; William Kentridge’s film presentation in Central Park; THE GATES PROJECT by Christo and Jean-Claude; Robert Smithson’s FLOATING ISLAND; Lili White’s video, CLOUDGATE, projected on the PHATORY’s sidewalk in the ART in ODD PLACES Show.

New York was once considered to be the center of the art world. What does it mean to be an artist-immigrant in New York after 9/11 when the whole world is on the verge of major change?

NY (see) captures a zeitgeist. Eschewing the documentary films’ standard of expressing opinion, and made without a script, storyboard or an editing plan, NY (see) reflects what New York stands for: America’s cradle of immigration; the site of the 9/11 Disaster; the platform of perhaps the only genuinely, international city. White’s painted body using Chinese characters for “eye” and “to see” and uses the mass-produced Caranguejo (a toy-like version of Brazilian CONCRETE artist, Lygia Clark’s ANIMAL-CRAB sculpture) to convey a sense of internalized experience; connecting poetry, the written language and the act of writing calligraphy itself; which like the manipulation of Clark’s ANIME-CRAB, evinces the connection between mind and body.
NY (see) refers to the shared energy fields between White and three immigrant artists, Mara Wave, John Spinks, Kim Su Theiler, who intersect with their own artwork; New York’s cityscapes and White’s performative actions.
Part home-movie, part city-symphony, rough hewn digital images, straddle the borders of diary and documentary film: imparting an archetype of “the artist,” and revealing today’s diaspora. Colliding audio and visual allows the viewer to connect tangential segments together for themselves. 
NY (see) presents its characters captured in time; with topics of personal identity, artistic practice and issues of today’s global market.
Architectural gems of the Guggenheim Museum, the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings contrast with bridge and street scenes:
The IMAGINE Peace Memorial; White’s sidewalk projection of her video CLOUDGATE; The Statue of Liberty; Ellis Island; Times Square, the bombed site of the World Trade Center, and Union Square’s memorializing shrine; a Nuclear Weapons protest; St. Patrick’s Cathedral remembering Pope John-Paul; Robert Smithson’s FLOATING ISLAND; William Kentridge’s film in Central Park, and THE GATES PROJECT by Christo and Jean-Claude.