What Can’t You See

Curated by: Inbred Hybrid Collective/Dominic Cloutier

08.05.10 — 08.29.10

127 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY‎

with artists:
Michele Brody • Walt Cessna• Michelle Handelman •
John Kelly • Scooter LaForge • Max Carlos Martinez •
Reynolds • Rob Roth • Smith & Lowles • Lili White

WHAT CAN’T YOU SEE? – (wood under lake)
Digi video with assemblage; silent, color, TRT: 4:22 looped for installation   ©2010 Lili White

“Memory is a most mysterious element, almost indefinable, that links us to things we don’t even remember having lived. It constantly incites us to stay in contact with dimensions, events, and sensations, that we can’t define, but that we know actually happened.”  — Frederico Fellini

The word: erotic, comes from the Greek eros, the personification of love in all its aspects that personifies creative power and harmony. With love as a theme that defines the London Biennale, Lili White’s video installation: WHAT CAN’T YOU SEE? features THE Altar, that block that focuses a religious ritual of sacrifice or offering to a deity, as its basic form. Wooden blocks and boxy containers featuring a putto head, and natural materials of pine cones and tree seeds, act as an architectural foil. Hardware metal, a glass dome, and an “altar cloth” adorn the top of the old white TV set with its looped video. The moving images present their own “scrim”: a cylinder of rectangular panes and parquet floor tiles that key out; allowing one to peer through their frame to catch hold of landscape images. Scenes if dripping water, a lake, wild strawberries, vines and branches suggest memories of some long lost tryst that occurred among such natural forms…