After 9/11

Paintings on paper generated after 9/11/01 include song lyrics and poetry (some written by New York city poets); figurative forms derived from archetypal serpent and god/dess imagery; the genetic code letters (A, C, G, T); and media pictures of America’s New War.

la vie en rose — lyrics by Edith Piaf
Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose
When you kiss me, Heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose…..

Edith Piaf’s rational: “I’m looking at the world through rose-colored glasses” inspired the works of the Eyeglasses/ Song Series. We are Jekyll & Hyde — beings with dual mentalities of logic and emotion. The “eyeglasses” of my Song Series illustrates the function of our mind, embracing both its left and right sides assigned by science into logic and emotion.
How does one see?

The writing of songs or poems fuses passion into a form that brings what is being experienced to consciousness. The “eyeglasses” contain song lyrics along with a chaotic form of graphics that represent an area of un-focused stimulation.
When captivated by love both the right and left sides of our brain seem to act in harmony.

Images (Top to Bottom)

Compassion; 5’x 6′ ; newspicture: from Afganistan; lyrics: Political World by Bob Dylan
Year of the Snake; 4’x 6′ ; newspicture: from World Trade Center site; poem:from September 1, 1939 by W.H.Auden
NO; 4’x 5′ ; poem: by Steve Dalichinsky
Something; 4’x 5′ ; poem: by Steve Dalichinsky
Will You Be Mine?; 24″ x 36″
from the Eyeglasses/Song series: And You Never Will; 12″ x 16″
from the Eyeglasses/ Song series: Call Me; 12″ x 16″
from the Eyeglasses/Song series: the Corner that I painted Myself Into; 12″ x 16″

2 others works shown were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy:
ReUnited; 4’x 6′ ; new spicture: from Afghanistan War; poem: by Lee Klein
detail from ReUnited
Buddah; 4’x 5′ ; news picture: from Afghanistan War; poem: by Tom Savage