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This program features new works made since my last program at Millennium in 2007.

White shows us the apocalypse, but somehow we know its going to be alright…” — Peter Cramer

My films start with a “real” event caught in personal life. Taking an indirect approach, with an attitude of investigation and observation, a way into the subject is found. A few chosen shots are filtered by layering images. Chained together, these then, sometimes, seem to suggest thought. The work is fueled more on a “why” rather than a “how”.

In 2008 concurrent fractured frames of video tape were explored. In 2009, different public places, along with their historic and mythic events blended into a collective dreamscape. The idea was to evince the “whole” of “it”, like how ALL the facets form A diamond. The piece is located more on the “horizontal”— not necessarily one that is linear — but one that stretches out in different directions, like the tentacles of an octopus.     ————————————————————————————————–

LOOPING VIDEOS: Main screen – 11th Hour (TRT: 2.40)©2008. In the lobby: GOT’CHA (TRT: 4.31) ©2009
REVERIE -TRT: 20.36 Music: Theme & Variations For Piano & Orchestra by Yoritsune Matsudaira; courtesy of Naxos of America. Using black as a pigment, color keying, buzzing pixel textures; inserted snapshots and classic architectural sites; merging environs of the USA and Ireland’s Rock of Cashel which served as the traditional seat of Munster’s kings and contains one of the most remarkable collections of Celtic art and medieval architecture to be found anywhere in Europe. The tour guide’s lecture & music based upon a fanfare salute to Japanese aristocracy links this time-honored Nation’s castle to a child’s built of sand. Horizontal pans and forward tracking shots in and out of Howth and NYC, move into time ahead…
C R A C K E D DVD VIDEO © 2008; TRT: 3.21
Made from a single second of fragmented tape. Repeating phrase of “Let’s GO!”, horizontal flips; pixel squares and a biomorphic design continually submerge the man…
THE FUTURE  IS  YOU – DVD VIDEO ©2008; TRT: 9.17 Like a lithographer’s velvety mezzotint, this monochromic future of molten metal features New York City’s downtown streets after the 9/11 disaster. “Seemingly” among city and forest, the landscape study moves back and forth between Nature’s trees and man’s canyons of steel, showing neither but both. A chromium sound — doubled and abstracted— accom-panies anxiety and serenity inside us. Exploring the gradient view the focus is on small movement like amoebas in a primordial soup; eventually stretching our attention to the larger matrix where we all reside.
S/tr:w/EET WALK — Shot on mini-dv & Super 8 ; DVD video @ 2009; TRT: 18.51
An travelogue thru the American unconscious and some Cities of its Civil War
S/tr:w/EET WALK’s shoes were found on a Dublin street that presents a horse fair, and used to be a prostitute’s walk. They travel though Ireland, NYC, South Carolina, and Savannah Georgia with voices that carry strands of text about ideas latent in culture, that influence each other and relate but not through a clear, simple concept. The filmmaker’s personal story about a visit to Ireland, the Irish Cinderella tale, excerpts from a newspaper review about US monumental art, WISE BLOOD, historic facts and feminist takes on eroticism & pornography and others connect intuitively, with associations reminiscent of a dream.
TURQUOISE BEADS – High 8 & mini-DV into DVD video © 2009; TRT-various versions: 10 min OR 38.14 minutes
SOUND: BUSHMEAT aka Thomas Stanley – MusicOverMind.org
With voiceovers of: Langston Hughes, Marcel Duchamp, Krishnamurti

Composed of landscapes from New York after 9/11 and Chaco Canyon, a major center of a thriving Indian culture from AD 850 to 1250. David Stuart’s argument in ANASAZI AMERICA claims today’s American society has similar patterns that existed in Chaco’s Anasazi community before its final collapse. It took more than seven centuries to lay the agricultural, organizational, and technological groundwork for the creation of classic Chacoan civilization, which lasted about 200 years – only to collapse spectacularly in a mere 40. “The larger the society, the less capable of its carrying on after losing a moderate percentage of its critical resources.”

from Thomas Stanley’s statement on his treatment of sound: “…My goal is to liberate territory, free up psychological real estate where we can be something for ourselves according to our own rules of design and/or operation…Society is after all a road hog and a bit of a phantom as well. This puffy specter is not at all what it appears to be — a summing of all of us. We are not a part of society at all. In fact, if society does exist, it is as the shiniest part of the cage that confines our being…My sound worlds have a very small door, only big enough for one pair of ears at a time, too small for anything as large and unwieldy as society to find its way in. A supreme privacy is generated where all consensual reckonings fall away and are even incinerated, leaving listening alone as the sole affirmation of existence, the very negation of negation.”

(pict from CRACKED)