Lili White – Filmography

Using stylized gestures used as a mode of ritualistic format and screen performance, White’s modus operandi is often an exploration on the subject of relationships of power and repression; often drawing from ancient stories re-contextualized into meditations on the world in which we live and the ramifications of inaction and stagnation. While studying painting at the Pennsylvania Academy’s 4 year painting course, she made Super 8 films. White’s work has been called “a magical act” with an editing technique akin to “automatic” writing. 


Stories about progress and greed told through extrapolated universal myths and surviving residents from TRONA CALIFORNIA, once wealthy Californian desert community whose fate rested upon its center: a mining town that turned into a mineral corporation. Stories and events intertwine: CAIN & ABEL; Michael Jackson’s dancing Zombies; commentary by Dr. Theodore Dimon, Jr. of the DIMON INSTITUTE and Marta & Frank Russo of the horror theme based M/F GALLERY and personal accounts from Trona’s elderly population of the Searles Valley Historical Society. Landscape environs of the 20 mile long SEARLES (salt) LAKE; China Lake Navel Base, the PINNACLES National Monument, World Trade Center Memorial, and the Chevlon Steps, are also presented.

David Medalla CLOUD CANYONS 11/6/14; Sound; Color; shot with I phone camera; TRT: 12.12
Artist David Medalla at his CLOUD CANYONS exhibit in NYC, on 11/6/14, reads his prose poem, THE BUBBLE MACHINE

LOVE in the AGE of the EU; featuring the poem: Die Liebe in den Zeiten der EU by Björn Kuhligk; photos by Reuters; Sound; Color; TRT: 2.33
The poem-voiceover presents a response to the situation in the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC.

A PHILADELPHIA STORY; shot with GO-Pro Silver, I phone, mini DV; Color/Sound; TRT: 4.27
Based on a story about a rape that happened in PHILADELPHIA sometime in the early 1980’s.

Fitzgibbon talks about her films and reminiscences on days in NYC’s Lower East Side during the 1970-80’s, with it’s decay, drug trafficking, and the beginnings of the AIDS crisis.

THE BLUE BALCONY:Color/Sound; TRT: 10.11
Document of  THE BLUE BALCONY ( , a temporary, cinema structure, architectural building assembled on the grounds of LE Petit Versailles Garden in the Spring of 2103, by an Artist Collective of Nicholas Vargelis, Zac, Wendell, Andrea and others. This film was made while attending an evening of films on April 2nd; curated by Stephen Kent Jusick and features excerpts from: A.I.D.S.C.R.E.A.M., Jerry Tartaglia; RAVE PORN, Texas Tomboy; I LIKE DREAMING, Charles Lofton and was edited almost entirely in camera, with some psychedelic additions

WESTERN; Sound; Color; voiceover doc reportage: Margot Niederland; TRT. 11.09 / 13.21
The American morality tale about law & order; with voiceover from a woman who disguised herself as an Israeli soldier. Featuring a motel room, appropriated images from Western TV shows and movies and footage of actual locals that include Tombstone AZ (the historic site of the shoot out at the OK corral) and NYCity.

NY(see) Sound; Color; TRT. 68.00
What does it mean to be an artist-immigrant here at this TRT after 9/11, when the whole world is on the verge of major change? Three immigrant artists, Mara Wave, John Spinks, Kim Su Theiler, intersect with their own work; New York’s cityscapes and White’s gestural actions. Straddling the borders of city-symphony, docu-mentary and autobiography, imparting the archetype of “the artist” while revealing today’s mood of diaspora.

My father describes his experiences as a WWII US Navy Radioman. as witness to the Bikini Bomb Tests and as “pollywog” undergoing the “Initiation into the Kingdom of Neptune” hazing ritual for sailors.

2014 (proposed)
THE SOLDIER’S DREAM; Sound; Color; TRT.15 minutes
Based on an actual event where a German soldier came to a Berlin clinic in WWII for help; because he lost the ability to see color

WHAT CAN’T YOU SEE? ; Sound; Color; TRT.4.22;
Glitch cause magic in the Video seen on an old box TV that is framed with assemblage; London Biennale NYC Satellite Event; curator: Dominic Cloutier; Christopher Henry Gallery; NY

GOT’CHA; Sound; Color; TRT.4.31; Video on TV with intermediate frame; Whose AFRAID Of Ornament?; Curator: Natasha Kurchanova; NURTURE ARTS; Brooklyn NY

TURQUOISE BEADS; Sound; Color; TRT.16.10; Video projected on assembled objects; Vision Festival; NY

4 COLOR FIELD (exists in square and tondo formats); Silent; Color; TRT. 8.44 Minute; As above, so below

CLOUD TONDO; Silent; Color; TRT. 3.10; Clouds of varying tonal ranges

KALEIDOSCOPE TONDO; Silent; Color; TRT. 4.04; Kaleidoscopic imagery

STANDING UPRIGHT; Silent; Color; TRT.5.00; Painting/Video environment for dancer Gus Solomons Jr; Commissioned by Patricia Nicholson Parker for A STATE OF MIND dance; Vision Festival; NY NY

AMERICAN DIASPORA 2 – Sound; Color; Time: 6.00; Wall Box (with drawing&imbedded video screen); PAFA alumni show; DUMBO, NY

AMERICAN DIASPORA; Sound; Color; TRT. 6.00; Assemblage: video projected onto painting; AMERICAN DIASPORA: TRANSFORMATIONS IN AN AGE OF UNCERTAINTY; Curator: Keungsuk Kim Sexton; Victory Hall; Jersey City NJ

5 ELEMENTS; EARTH, WATER, WOOD, FIRE; Sound; Color; various running times. “Powers” of nature presented metaphorically, each with their own distinct qualities

en INVIERNO; Sound; Color; TRT. 5.39; Documented reality with a hint of future loss— a cinematic reference and a phantasmagorical snow storm outside the childhood suburban home

BALLOON GARDEN; Silent; Color; TRT. 6.30; Curator: Rocio Aranda-Alvarado, Ph.D; Jersey City Museum; Jersey City NJ; A  balloon travels with abstracted patterns of water;

MY SPACE; Sound; Color; TRT. 6.27; Performance of a triad figure; poetic voiceover

CLOUDGATE; Silent; Color; TRT. 3.07; Designed to be projected onto skin of a skyscraper or city sidewalk; Presented as outdoor projection at ART IN ODD PLACES during the LES’s HOWL Festival; Curator: Ed Woodham; host: The Phatory LLC; East Village NY; Clouds mate through a sky fence

WATER GODDESS (aka, HOMELESS) Silent; Color; TRT. 1.30; Figurative apparition with water droplets

CORNER PIECE Silent; Color; TRT. 3.00; Images reflect inside cardboard box and its objects

TRAVELING with NEPTUNE; Video projected on assembled objects; THE PAST IS HERE Show; The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art; SI NY;

NY PRECIPITAIONS – London Biennale Cross Pollinations; Curator: Adam Nankervis; NY (2004)


SISTER of WISDOM; TRT: 9:53; Camera: Lili White; Marc Silverman; TEXT by: HILDEGARD of BINGEN; 12 speaker surround sound MUSIC: Dalia With; SUNG by: Gisburg; PRODUCED at: HARVESTWORKS, NYC

shorts from the I CHING’s HOUSE OF WATER:
#55- CITADEL; Color; Sound TRT: 4.44 minutes
#49- MOLTING; Color; Sound TRT: 4.38 minutes
#3- SPROUT; Color; Sound TRT: 6.19 minutes

OVerTURE EnD ing; Color; Sound TRT: 8.00

I SNAKE-FOOT; Color; Silent; TRT: 5.18
I remembered the Egyptians have a letter that combines a snake and foot.
In Nature, a performance meditation on a real-life event of an “S” found on my toe.
II-WATER WORKS; Color; Sound; TRT: 4.20
Humans are around 90% water, that element, now in jeopardy, that nourishes the planet’s growth. It exists in 3 different forms: gas, liquid, and ice. Also, when a mutable element, it glides us to dreams.
III CUMIA; Color; Sound; TRT: 4.35
In a cave in the land of the sibyl communication can occur between the living and the dead.

SOLDIER’S NECK OR TURSE OF COMPETENCY; Music: She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult; TRT: 4.23
A mirror with Bruce Willis; a soldier’s parade in Milan Italy; a newspaper reader; person in a black & white hat gesturing; pictures form the book, FABULA: A TALE OF THE CATACOMBS by William Makepeace Thackeray all dance to this tune.

I SNAKE-FOOT; Color/Silent; TRT: 5.20
I remembered the Egyptians have a letter that combines a snake and foot.
In Nature, a performance meditation on a real-life event of an “S” found on my toe.

II-WATER WORKS;Color/Sound; TRT: 4.20
Humans are around 90% water, the element that nourishes the planet’s growth, that exists in 3 different forms (gas, liquid, ice). An element in jeopardy. An element that glides us to dreams.

III CUMIA; Color/Sound; TRT: 4.35
The land of the sibyl is a cave connects communication between the living and the dead.

TOUCH ME REACH ME; color/silent; TRT: 1.37 minutes
The sense of touch: Touching is the process of recognizing objects using exploratory procedures; the hand toying with the ribbon here senses electromagnetism in its surrounding environs; which is given an image of prickly needle-like shapes that mirror the hand’s gestural action

THE HUNT: CAIN & ABEL; silent; TRT: 2:05
A pose taken from Tintoretto’s painting of Cain & Able, a cormorant catching a fish.

PRECEDING DARKNESS; TRT: 3.23; 3D using red/cyan glasses; SOUND: Fslux
Attempting to subjugate society’s current ongoing malaise, repeating sounds and a camera roving over a bleak fence that surrounding the World Trade Center site in 2008 use an unstable 3-D imagery.

everything BUT; Color; Sound; TRT. 3:00
A smorgasbord of agricultural facts and stories— poppy plants, Monsanto, war in the Middle East, famine— that stretch between humor and horrific reality.

STUFF of our DREAMS; Kodachrome Super 8/digi Video; Color; Sound; TRT. 3:33
TV game shows, flamingos American cars and the Gulf Oil Disaster

Motherhood, human & animal, in one shot (well almost) transmuted…

The KITCHEN SINK; Color; Sound; TRT. 11:24;
Our FOOD situation: a smorgasbord of agricultural facts and stories— Goddess Diana, poppy plants, Monsanto, war in the Middle East— that stretch between humor and horrific reality.

AScENSION; Color; Sound; TRT. 9:02; Architectural structures of Taos Pueblo transfigured with color and shape, tracking the most important element: water.

THE OCTOPUS; Color; Sound; TRT. 5:54; Paul the psychic octopus who predicted the WORLD CUP winners, Native American dancers, the myth of Cassandra (who foretells the future and is never believed), eco-destruction

TURQUOISE BEADS; SOUND: BUSHMEAT aka Thomas Stanley; Color; TRT. 2 version: 38.14 or 10.00;
Composed of landscapes from the cities of Chaco Canyon and New York after 9/11, portrayed in a atmospheric manner. Chaco Canyon was a major center of a thriving Indian culture from AD 850 to 1250, where, turquoise, a stone mythically born from the marriage between sky and earth, was traded extensively. The complexity of its community life, the high level of its social organization, and its far-reaching commerce created a cultural vision unlike any other seen before. David Stuart’s anthropological argument in ANASAZI AMERICA claims that today’s American society has similar patterns that existed in Chaco’s Anasazi community before its final collapse.

S/tr:w/EET WALK; Sound; Color; TRT. 18:51 NTSC /20:32 PAL; Lyrical, atmospheric, mini-epic: a video ‘response’ to Kathryn Maguire’s quest for collaboration. Shoes found on a Liffey quay that was a prostitute’s walk and houses a horse fair, take on a life of their own as they travel though Ireland, NYC, South Carolina and Savannah Georgia. Voiceover references about Civil War facts, a Cinderella fairy tale, feminist takes on eroticism & pornography, a personal narrative, views about public sculpture and various literary excerpts (Flannery O’Connor’s WISE BLOOD ) connect intuitively, with associations reminiscent of a dream state.

THIS LITTLE PLANET; Sound; Color; TRT. 5:33; Bowery Poetry Club reading of Katsuko Shiraishi’s poem, music: Itaru Oki, translated by Steve Dalachinsky & Allen Ginsburg

REVERIE; Color; TRT. 20:36; MUSIC: Theme & Variations For Piano & Orchestra by Yoritsune Matsudaira— Ichiro Nodaira, piano; Ken Takaseki & Osaka Century Orchestra; courtesy Naxos of America; shifting layers of place: classic world architectural sites; New Jersey beaches, New York City, Arizona, and Ireland’s Rock of Cashel; and integrated with a family’s slides make this a sliding jigsaw of 1st and 2nd generation immigrant families

THE FUTURE IS YOU Sound; Color; TRT. 9.17; A monochromic future features New York City after the 9/11 disaster with shifting landscapes between trees and streets.

3 DAYS; Sound; Color; TRT. 5.30 to 7.00; Monthly calendars are presented in grid form and weekly calendars stack the days in vertical rows. Here the same landscape shot over 3 days mimic these forms, as fuchsia flowers gestate and multiply….

CURLY Q; Silent; Color; TRT. 11.24; Salute to structural cinema

CANYONS TO STARS (several versions); Sound; Color; TRT. 2.25 to 6.00; Brice breaks through the universe.

EARTH IS THE GARDEN; Sound; Color; TRT. 4.58; Environmental concerns: singing frogs, stimulate their surroundings.

CRACKED; Sound; Color; TRT. 3.22; “Let’s GO!”, a second of fragmented tape locks a figure inside its horizontal roll.

ANOTHER TRIP; Sound; Color; TRT. 2.41; Humorous interplay from inside and out of a motor trailer.

11th HOUR; Silent; Color; TRT. 2.40 Horrific encounter: humans engulfed in Nature

STRIKING GOLD; Sound; Color; TRT. 0.51; Haiku on a Spring walk through the woods.

FOR SALLY; Sound; Color; TRT. 2.37; Real time/life A beached ball has a way of changing things.

NO FOOL IN’; Sound; Color; TRT. 2.07 A snatched real life gesture is exposed. Whose toy is it anyway?

CRIB WORK; Sound; Color; TRT. 3.42; Suggests primal ritual or sub-conscious dream level.

PASSAGE; Sound; Color; TRT. 5.00 ; Passage – on a dream level.

FIREFLY; Sound; Color; TRT. 3.30 & 9.53 versions; a short and long interpretation of “fire” element

“S”; Sound; Color; TRT. 1.10; A hallucinogenic meditation on a “S”

GOT’CHA; Sound; Color; TRT. 4.41; Pixelated, psychedelic disintegrated images & Raven drawn to a bird.

SAILING to BYZANTIUM; Sound; Color; TRT. 12.05; Title is from Yeats poem.
Sound: A famil’s audio tape of with parents, siblings, grandparents, and aunt reciting poems.
Visuals: simultaneously in the two grand-mother lands at once; a Slovenian town square at sunset, and in Ireland rummaging through the other’s forgotten property.

NO FIT PLACE (part 3 of Triptych); Sound; Color; TRT. 2.14; Portrait of emotion: a place of fear & horror

SUB ROSA (part 2 of Triptych); Sound; Color; TRT. 3.53; Portrait of emotion: on joy

THE GROUND FROM UNDERNEATH (part 1 of Triptych); Sound; Color; TRT. 2.18;
Portrait of the emotion of loss

GOODBYE SKY GOODBYE EARTH; Sound; Color; TRT. 4.40; In the desert in real life: a sunset, a TV on the fritz in the desert, a Hi8 video camera breaking down- all taken advantage of to make this edited-in-the-camera piece, with added soundtrack and one obvious visual element. News from no where.

APART; Sound; Color; TRT. 4.46; A variation on GOODBYE SKY GOODBYE EARTH

NEITHER HERE NOR THERE; Sound; Color; TRT. 3.36; Basis for the 2 previous works.

WORDS on PEACEPIECE; Sound: Thomas Parker Williams; Text: Lili White; Color; TRT. 1.30; Performer in composition with spoken poem and text by C.G.Jung

TREASURE; Sound: Thomas Parker Williams; Color; TRT. 3.30; Ecological comment. Searching for water; building a city on a beach; an ominous mood over Las Vegas NV; a defunct desert watering hole with petro-glyphs; and Hoover Dam. 

I SEA; Color; silent; TRT. 1.18;
The human eye and the sea are composed of the same elements

I SEE CHINA; Silent; Color; TRT. 1.06; A count up to a minute of time, using American and Chinese numerals, and elements of Chinese calligraphy

RENASCENCE; Silent; Color; TRT. 1.15; Visual etymology of the Chinese character for “view”combine characters for “eye” and “light”, influenced by Hans Membling’s portraits.

DEPARTURE; Color; Sound: Lili White & Keith Strand through Brooklyn’s The Outpost Residency. Musical Collage: of Chopin, Delibes, Shinto Ceremony; Afro-American Fold Songs; Irish Sea Shanty;TRT.10.20;
Arriving at a sense of balance and harmony in the execution of calligraphy is similar to the struggle of Homo sapiens to maintain equilibrium as they walk upright; departing from the realm of the strictly animal, evolving their human consciousness. Forms of a snake and decrepit cattle gates mimic the “departure” ideogram .

SNAKE SCALES or THERE ARE NO STRAIGHT LINES; Music: Sun Ra Arkestra; Color; TRT. 13.00; Snake imagery toys with the concept of the “edge” or “frame” in the 2-D image.

JUST FOR MY FRIENDS; Color; Sound: “Last Thought on Woody Guthrie” by Bob Dylan; TRT. 7.17
Performance of mapping space in the installation SECRET LANGUAGE— where abstract glyphs change into written alphabets.

PETALS & THORNS ; Music: Nicholas Kodaly & Bela Bartok; Color; TRT. 9.07; Voiceover of a fairy tale as the performer, changing her hat seems to ask “what is real, and what is not?”

THE HOUSE OF THE GENTLE; Sound; Color; TRT. 30.00: segments run from 2 to 10 minutes; White performs interpretations of eight hexagrams from the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, that describes sixty-four different but archetypal forms of energy. The “gentle” refers to the wind (or wood), both gentle yet penetrating essential forces.
Presented: EARTHQUAKE ARTS FESTIVAL; American Museum of the Moving Image; Queens NY

The GIFT OF THE DREAM prelude; Music: Waymen LaMont Widgens; Color; TRT. 10.10
Text derived from medieval alchemical writings and dream fragments; images based upon dreams experienced while sleeping in Chaco Culture, an Anasazi city; Canyon de Chelly, home of the natural monument to Spider Woman, creator of the world; and Shofuso, the Japanese House and Garden in Philadelphia.

STUFF of our DREAMS; Kodachrome Super 8/digi Video; TRT. 5:49; flamingos & the Gulf Oil Disaster

MY LOVE IS LIKE ROSE & BLUE; (Sound; Color; TRT. 8.25); re-edited Super-8 Film. Memories of love, frustration, grief—are hinted at in this piece that evolves seemingly through a world of mirrors in an artist’s loft; drifting thru psychological space, where an alchemical situation is engaged.

SHE DREAMS THE WORLD; re-edited Super-8 Film (see description below)


JEWELS & GEMS Music: Tigran Martikyan; Color; TRT. 6.31 A call from beyond; earth meets the sky.

JEWELS & GEMS Music: 3 epkano; TRT. 9.44 (see description above)

SHE DREAMS THE WORLD Music: Peace Creeps; TRT. 6.00 re-edited Super-8 Film
She who “dreams the world” ushers in psychic counterparts: a feminine “shadow” and a Dionysian “animus” who travel through mythic terrain of death and rebirth

CAREERING Sound; Color; Music: Public Image Ltd; TRT. 4.46;

IG 79 Sound; Color; Music: Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell; TRT. 5.00
Moving and groovin’ with Iggy Pop at Philadelphia’s HOT CLUB in 1979

REVOLVE/er; Sound; Color; MUSIC collage: Punk Rock Bands of late 70’s early 80’s; excerpt from LADY LOVE by Paul Eluard; TRT. 9.14
Collage combines images of: a mind-reader does his tricks on TV; pre-teen girls, kids with a dead cat, Japanese sword, eyes, the 1980’s war in Iran on TV; performing Punk Rock Band personages; and the final scene from ON THE WATERFRONT